‘Safe Space’ Results: 12 ‘Yes,’ 3 ‘No’

A total of 15 people responded to our “safe space” survey. We asked if you would or could use a place where you could meet others who are in similar circumstances and learn information about surviving life on Nebraska’s public shaming website.

Twelve respondents said “yes” and three said “no” when asked if they would attend such a meeting.

Twelve respondents are registrants and three are family or friends of registrants. The 12 registrants are not the same 12 who said they would attend. Of those who said they would not attend a “safe space” meeting, two are registrants and one is family/friend.

The Nebraskans Unafraid (NU) team will review these results and the comments that were made and decide whether to move forward with the “safe space” initiative. We will let you know what we decide and why.

Our thanks to those who took the time to respond.

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