Ninety-Five% Can Be Mighty-Fine% at the Polls

The February issue of Ninety-Five%, the monthly newsletter for Nebraskans Unafraid donors and friends, has hit mailboxes.

It has valuable information for registrants and their families, in particular people whose voting rights are restored. If you were convicted of a felony (aside from treason), your voting rights are restored two years after completion of your sentence. All you need to do is register. Don’t wait. If it’s been two years, sign up to vote. I became eligible to vote again late last year. I can tell you that voting was never sweeter for me.

You must vote if you’re eligible. If you’re not eligible, you must tell your family members and your friends about your experiences with Nebraska politicians and give them guidance. You and your circle can help remove from the public trough people like Jon Bruning and Pete Pirsch.

If there are 4,000 registrants in Nebraska (a number that grows daily), and each one of them has family or other close ties to, say, three other people, that adds up to 12,000 folks not listed but affected negatively by the Nebraska State Patrol Sex Offender website. Twelve-thousand votes, plus who knows how many registrants who are eligible to vote, adds up to a respectable impact at the polls.

Chief architects of the Nebraska State Patrol Sex Offender website, and thus of the damage done to you and your families, are Bruning, who wants to be your governor, and Pirsch, who wants to be your attorney general.

Whaddaya say? Let’s make Jumpin Jon and Pistol Pete go out and get real jobs.

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