No Travel Restrictions on "Confronting the Lie"

Confronting the Lie has struck a nerve. It is receiving national distribution via sites such as the Sex Offender Issues network, and in Nebraska on sites like KETV-Channel 7’s Facebook page(!).

We also are receiving supportive comments, through comments on this blog and other channels.

One blog comment bears repeating. It comes from “mother – family – friend of all”:

If the law makers had their pictures on the internet with a list of all the things wrong they have done + their addresses, car plates, what do you think they would say and do. I know first hand. My family and everyone I like and love is also in danger of those vigilantes out there that just want an excuse to attack or kill other human being. These ex offenders did their time. took classes, got mental help, and now are able to join our society . Give them and their families this right they have earned. We don’t do the Murders, drug dealers this way an d they hurt our kids too. If the offenders repeats his crime again (which 99% will not do!) Send them away for a longer time (at least 25 years NO EARLY OUT PERIOD!!!!! How can they change if YOU won’t let them with your unfair laws. 

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